4 Cup Coffee Makers

You might consider 4 cup coffee makers for your coffee drinking needs, if you donít have a lot of space and you donít drink too much coffee in the morning then . These save space, you donít waste coffee, and they are easy to use.

Coffee is a must for most people in the morning. Some people cannot even function without it. If you are one of these people and you lack the space in your kitchen for a full size model of a coffee maker then you should consider a 4-cup coffee maker. These are especially perfect for dorm room students who need their coffee for late night cramming.

These coffee makers fit in small spaces and they are half the size of a traditional 12 cup coffee maker. This is because the water reservoir is not as big and the carafe is only a third of the size.

Another benefit to the smaller 4-cup coffee makers is that you donít have to waste coffee. Off course, you can use a larger coffee maker and only make half a pot, but usually the coffee won't taste as well. This is a common problem because the filter is too big and the water doesnít soak up all of the grounds.

The smaller coffee makers are for small pot of coffee and you will always have an excellent and strong pot of coffee.

The 4-cup coffee makers are easy to use. They are exactly like the traditional models but use less water and less coffee grinds. You also will use miniature filters but everything else is the same. These coffee makers brew the pot quicker because there is less coffee to brew for each pot.

College kids appreciate the 4-cup coffee makers because they are small. They brew just enough coffee for them and donít take up too much space.

Features on 4-cup coffee makers include a display screen that keeps the current time. It can also be used as a timer. The screen usually lights up. The pots are quick to brew and they provide just enough coffee. The carafes are durable enough for the dishwasher and if you use a permanent filter then you can put that in the dishwasher too.

Examples for 4 cup coffee makers are Cuisinart DCC 450, Hamilton Beach 4 Cup Brewer, or Mr. Coffee 4 cup brewer.

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