There is a huge market in retro, joke, novelty, and funny mugs, and they are very popular. There are retro mugs with pictures of celebrities of the past like Elvis Presley and the Beatles. There are novelty mugs for the boss, Superman, and super mum. There is a stress-relief mug depicting yoga exercises for relaxation. Many jokes on mugs have been around for a long time but some you may not have seen.

Some examples are:

There is a range of perzonalized coffee mugs with marriage jokes, divorce jokes, jokes for physicists, lawyers’ jokes and so on. Here are a couple of examples of witticisms from the lawyer set of mugs:

Or for the really esoteric you can have fisherman’s mugs with inscriptions like:

The mug for the physicist in your life has a picture of Einstein’s grave, with the message “bodies at rest tend to stay at rest” This might be a little too esoteric for some.

For a more extreme kind of unique mugs you might want to consider one of the range of ugly mugs. You can even take a photo of someone that you supply, distort it beyond belief, and then apply it to a mug. Such a mug makes a great practical joke for someone that you know well!

Another idea that’s caught on recently for a funny mug is that of the plain mug that looks like a normal coffee cup but has an inscription on the bottom. When the drinker holds up the mug to drink the message is displayed to all around, and is designed to make the person look silly. The message might be “I’m a twat” for example.

Human ingenuity and creativity know no bounds, and I am sure there are many other types of joke, funny, and unique coffee mugs out there. These items might even become as collectable as Smurfs. You can of course create your own funny mug if you have a special message for the world, by going to one of the online companies like that allow you to design a coffee mug entirely to your own design.

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