Bodum French press

The Bodum French Press Coffee Maker is virtually synonymous with press pot brewed coffee.

The Bodum Chambord coffee press blends elegant design with efficient function, resulting in an easy to use brewing system that consistently produces bistro-quality coffee, and will look good standing on your table, too--one of those rare appliances that is both stylish and serviceable.

In 2004, the American Culinary Institute honored the Bodum Chambord with an award for best French press coffee maker. Bodum offers several variations on the coffee press, with various brewing capacities, but the 8-cup model is their bestselling brewer, followed closely by the 3 cup version.

Please note that "8 cups" in gourmet coffee parlance actually means only 32 ounces. In other words, each cup is 4 ounces. This measuring convention is standard across Bodum French press coffee makers. Other available Bodum coffee presses include 12 ounce, 17 ounce, and 34 ounce models.

With those brewing capacities in mind, it should be clear that these are not coffee makers suited for serving large gatherings. A Bodum French press is ideal for serving a couple, or a small group. (Or, of course, a party of one.)

Once you become proficient with the basic brewing process, the Bodum coffee press will give you a rich, fully-flavored cup of java, every single time. It will likely be the best-tasting coffee you've ever brewed at home. Really. :-)

And at $50, it's relatively inexpensive, too. Depending on where you shop, you can buy it for even less. (An online retailer will probably give you the best price.)

So what's not to like?

Using any French press coffee maker is a fairly labor-intensive task. You have to use whole coffee beans, grind them (use a burr grinder), boil water, and so forth.

The clean-up of the carafe and plunger, afterward, takes a bit of time as well. (Although the parts are dishwasher safe, I should note.) And there's no heating element to keep the coffee hot, either. (A pricier model comes with double walled, thermal insulation.)

But these are minor drawbacks, in my opinion. The boldly-flavored coffee the Bodum coffee press brews is easily worth the extra work.

Bodum French Press

Features and Specs

  • Size: 8 Cup (other capacities available)
  • Brews 32 ounces of coffee; retains beans' oils for rich, complex flavor
  • Sturdy, chrome-plated brass frame; easy-to-clean glass carafe
  • Stainless-steel press mechanism; replacement parts available
  • Turn lid to close spout; not for stovetop use
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Height: 10.70 inches
  • Length: 6.70 inches
  • Depth: 9.40 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Positive Feedback from Consumers

  • Consistently provides rich, full-bodied coffee
  • Simple to operate
  • Inexpensive

Negative Feedback from Consumers

  • Labor-intensive brewing process
  • Small brewing capacity
  • Coffee press may slide easily on smooth surfaces
The bottom line: If you're a serious javaphile and especially prefer thick, rich coffee, you owe it to yourself to get a Bodum French press.

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