Flavia Coffee Maker Reviews

Flavia Coffee Makers are definitely close to coffee perfection !

Coffee makers of this brand are well known across the country. Apart from their hardware, the high quality coffee is always worth trying.

The Flavia machines come with bargain prices and are one of the choices to consider for home use. But even small offices may have a look into them, as the coffee makers also offer tea and other hot beverages.

So, letís take a look at some of the options you have if you want to purchase a Flavia coffee maker.

The Flavia Fusion

Flavia Fusion Coffee Maker One Flavia coffee maker to consider for home use is the Flavia Fusion. It comes in black, and even blue.

One great thing about these machines is that they do a whole lot more than just make coffee for you. They offer hot water and can brew tea, mochaccino, latte, coffee, hot chocolate, and even cappuccino.

It allows you to brew many different coffee drinks one cup at a time. It doesnít crowd your counter and there is very little mess either.

The Flavia SB100

If you need a coffee maker to use in a small office, the Flavia SB100 is an excellent choice. This is a special drink station that will make a variety of different drinks for you and it will no doubt be a huge hit in any office. This is more than general coffee services that most offices have to offer. It comes in black and can provide you with various drinks such as hot chocolate, teas, wellbeing drinks, and of course coffee. The cost is right about $200, and itís a great investment for the office.

The Flavia Fusion Deluxe

If you want to go a step above the Flavia Fusion for home use, you can also choose the Fusion Deluxe Flavia coffee maker. This machine comes with stainless steel accents and has a body made of graphite. The lights on the machine are blue LED lights and you can easily see the water level in it. It has a special hot water button, which is great for you if you want to make hot tea. The great thing about this machine is that you donít even have to clean it between drinks, and youíll be able to get the drink that you want within just a couple minutes.

The Flavia Creation 400

For those looking for Flavia coffee makers for large offices, the Flavia Creation 400 is a great choice. This is an excellent idea for offices that have more than 25 people that need to be served. The entire office will be able to enjoy various drinks, such as tea, wellbeing drinks, gourmet coffee, cafť latte, and even cappuccinos. It has a great look that will look wonderful in your office and it offers a variety of different choices with an interface that is easy for anyone to use.

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