Francis Francis Coffee Makers

Francis Francis X8 iperEspresso Machine

Francis Francis 208003 X8 iperEspresso Machine

The X8 is simply a fantastic coffee maker !

Insert an Illy coffee capsule, which contains a 7-gram portion of pre-ground and tamped espresso, revolve the knob on the side of the unit to the cup icon, and the machine looks after the rest--no need to learn the way to measure, grind, or tamp espresso.

And if you are a fan of golden crema on your espresso, you will love the Illy's hyper espresso system: it forces coffee through a valve at the base of the capsule, mixing the espresso with air to provide a long-lasting layer of golden crema.

On top of that, your new X8 pleases with straightforward controls, an easy-to-read LED display, manual shut-off, a cup hotter for at least 5 cups, and a steam wand for frothing milk or for heating water to make tea, an Americano, or hot cocoa.

What else could you possibly want from an espresso maker?

Francis Francis X3 Espresso Maker

Illy FrancisFrancis! 6139 X3 Espresso maschine

This little treasure will do exactly what it is meant to do irrespective of your experience or ability!

A beautiful looking coffee maker, it has a brass boiler and a pump-driven brewing system with 8-9 bars of dynamic pressure.

The chrome-plated brass brewing handle maintains ideal temperatures for coffee, whilst the steam / hot water wand swivels for clean storage.

The X3 includes 2 brewing handles--one for loose grounds, one for pods--and three baskets to let you select from ristretto, regular, or lungo shots.

A sensible choice for little kitchens, the X3 measures 10-5 / eight by 6- quarter by 11-3 / four inches, so it's got a smaller footprint than a lot of models.

The water tank is accessed from behind, and controls are on the side. The pinnacle of the machine has a handsome mirror finish, adding a pleasing gleam to accent the playfully bright body. Guaranteed for one year after purchase, it comes with easy to follow instructions.

Unfortunately it seems to be available only in Europe!

Francis Francis X6

Francis Francis! X6 Trio Espresso Cappuccino Machine

The X6 Trio is is definitely the machine for you, if you want variety and simplicity!

Whatever you're longing for, your new coffee maker will provide it: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, etc.

And what is even better, the X6 coffee machine can do all this, with just the turn of a handle. The Trio head allows for a short, medium or long espresso using the same handle. It uses pods only, which makes handling even easier for you.

Like the other Francis Francis! machines, the boiler is brass, the brewing head is chrome-plated brass, and the dual electronic thermostats control the coffee temperature and steam temperature. Easily identifiable symbols, lights and sounds makes this machine user friendly.

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