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Custom Coffee Mugs How about having that cup of coffee in your own personalised photo coffee mug

How about having your own personalised photo coffee mug?
It will make your first coffee in the morning even more enjoyable.

Many people love a really freshly brewed cup of coffee at one time or another during the day. For many it is a necessity, not a luxury. A strong cup of coffee helps to wake you up in the morning, physically and mentally, so that you can hit the ground running.

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Another custom coffee mug, either the same, or different as long as it's a bold design that stands out, can be in your workplace. You will be able to recognise it instantly and others will know that it's yours, saving you from having to share coffee cups. The photo does not have to be of you. It can be a picture of your loved one, your pet, or indeed anything or anyone that means a lot to you, and that you like to be reminded of.

You can now make your own photo coffee mug online at sites like and You can use their online designer to help get the look you want. You can start your design from scratch or use one of the supplied templates.

There is a wide variety of both sizes and styles of mug to choose to put your design on, and the printed designs are high quality that are safe for the dishwasher and microwave. The classic mugs are available as a standard 11 oz size, but also choice of two sizes. Other styles at Zazzle are the Ringer, Two-tone, Morphing, and Frosted, plus the large coffee mugs or Steins that are available in two sizes. All of them have large handles and are easy to clean.

Zazzle has the option for you to upload and use your own images and photos, and these can be in the form of JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF. You can add not only pictures but text also, and this can be in any number of different fonts and colours. The different ways of decorating your stein are enormous, and, utilising your own imagination plus the onsite designing tool can create different custom printed coffee mugs that are really eye-catching.

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Popular themes for decoration are photos of loved ones, pets, logos of organisations, sporting teams, personalities, and funny jokes or witty sayings. A design that means something special to you or reflects your personality is ideal. The important thing is that, a photo coffee mug created by you, is unique and special.

Prices for your own decorated ceramic mug start at around $11 for the standard sizes and go up to about $17 for a Stein or travel mug. If you were thinking of buying in bulk, perhaps to sell on, then there is a discount.

These online companies have a solid returns policy, so that, if you don't like your mug you can return it within thirty days and get a replacement or a refund.

You no longer have to put up with boring drinking mugs, since, for a small outlay you can design a photo coffee mug to exactly suit your own requirements, and have it shipped to your door. Orders usually leave the supplier within 24 hours so you should not have to wait more than a few days for your mug.

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