Senseo Coffee Makers

The Philips Senseo coffee makers have become well known around the world for many reasons. With the technical knowledge that the Phillips Company retains and the expertise from Douwe Egberts partnered together, the Senseo coffee pod system was created.

When you have two well-advanced companies working together in order to develop the perfect gourmet cup of coffee, you will surely be impressed.

The benefits of a Senseo coffee machine are immediately recognized when you take a look at all the features it offers its user. There is no mess or waste with this one cup coffee maker that will produce exactly a 4-ounce cup each and every time within only 30 seconds of operating.

The auto-off switch powers off the Senseo coffee machine after one hour and has the heating element entirely enclosed, making it not only dishwasher safe but also dorm room approved. With only 3 steps to operate, it is extremely easy to use and is perfect for those who only need one cup of coffee in the morning.

The Philips Senseo experience doesn't stop at just the perfect cup of coffee. You can experience exotic blends from around the globe from a wide assortment of countries. With options to purchase different Senseo coffee pod blends such as Brazil Blend, Columbia Blend, Kenya and Sumatra Blends, you are sure to find your ideal flavor of coffee.

Additionally you can upgrade your Senseo coffee maker to enclose a larger water reservoir to accommodate a variety of cup sizes rather than just 4-ounces. With the Phillips Senseo Supreme Model you can customize the water volume to adjust your brew strength, for those who prefer a lighter cup of coffee or a stronger one to get started in the morning.

You can choose from a variety of colors to match any dˇcor such as blue, red, black and white or go with a more chrome look to match all of your other kitchen appliances such as those that contain stainless steel.

With only a touch of a button and in less than a minute, Senseo coffee makers brings to you the art of a perfect cup each and every time, no matter what your taste.

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